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The LTU Adjunct Faculty Laptop Agreement of August 2004

For the beginning of the Fall 2004 Term, and before, each of the software packages that I described in these handouts was tested on on as close a platform as possible to the official LTU student laptop. Since I have been unable to sign the laptop agreement and the agreement is not planned to be modified until mid 2006, I have no suitable test platform.

I remain committed to the laptop initiative and its aim to teach each student how to use their laptop as an education and research tool. I will continue to draw attention to software of importance to technical students. The ideas that the laptop can be

  1. a self-contained database backed Web site development platform,
  2. a self-contained conferencing and feedback tool, and
  3. a general purpose data acquisition device when coupled with a real-time microprocessor subsystem,
will continue to be explored in these handouts.

For integration with a Windows XP machine, I suggest you to seek advice from the Cygwin, Sourceforge and Active State Web communities.

As always, I appreciate your comments and corrections.

John M. Miller M.D. (

Revised April 10, 2005