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Introduction to C, MCS 1142

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An 8 bit section of computer memory, called a byte, can represent:

Please familiarize yourself with the ASCII table, Appendix A, in the textbook

Character constants can be expressed 1 byte at a time between single quotes like 'a' or a series of bytes between double quotes like "a-string-of-characters". Between quotes the backslash character gives the ordinary character following it a special meaning and the special character following it an ordinary meaning. For example \t means not a t but rather a tab character. \" loses its meaning as the end of a character string and is just a double quote character. \\ means just a backslash. \n means the linefeed character. A backslash followed by the linefeed character has the special meaning that the string of characters is to be continued on the next line.

Revised January 4, 2003