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HTML for the busy student

Everything you need to know about HyperText Markup Language can learned in three easy steps

  1. Using the View | Source from the browser's menu, copy the HTML from a text Web page (like any on this site). Use this page as your template.
  2. Read Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing, Chapter 5 Learn to Program HTML in 21 Minutes by Philip Greenspun. While reading Chapter 5, don't miss the paragraph that begins " Everything important about Web design is on pages 146 to 149 of Edward Tufte's Visual Explanations." The summary there is essential reading for a student of information sciences.
  3. Refer to HTML 4 for the World Wide Web, 4th edition, by Elizabeth Castro (Peachpit Press Visual Quickstart Guide), as needed.

Revised January 4, 2003