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Comparative Languages, MCS 4643 Sec. 01, Fall 2010

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Credit Hours3
DatesAug 25, 2010 - Dec 18, 2010
Times5:45-7:00pm Monday & Wednesday
Class RoomS216
Instructor John M. Miller M.D.
Office HoursTBA and after class
Phone(248) 204-3560
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Objective This course will assist the student in selecting the best computer language or mixture of languages for a project, by examining the structure of various languages.
Textbook Concepts in Programming Languages by John C. Mitchell, Cambridge University Press, 2003, ISBN 0-521-78098-5
WeekTopic [Supplementary topic] Text Chapter
1 Introduction [Emacs, TeX] 1 & 2
2 Lisp [Perl, Python, PHP] 3
3 Lisp, Part 2 [Ruby] 3
4 Fundamentals of description [Regular Expressions] 4
5 From ALGOL on [Scheme, Gimp] 5
6 Types [Forth, Postscript] 6
7 Blocks and scope [SQL] 7
8 Control structures [NoSQL, XML] 8
9 Data abstraction [JavaScript] 9
10 Objects [Io] 10
11 Smalltalk and Ruby [Prolog] 11
12 Dynamic type and scope [Scala] 12
13 Virtual machines [Erlang] 13
14 Concurrency and distribution [Clojure] 14
15 Wrap-up and student requests [Haskell] 15
Homework assignments See homeworkWeb page 1/3 of grade
Quizzes (4) 9/29/10, 10/20/10, 11/10/10, 12/1/10 1/3 of grade
Final exam or project presentations Monday, December 13th, 5:30-7:20pm 1/3 of grade
Grade Scale
Fbelow 60 (below 70 for graduate students)
or failing final exam or project
General Policies Assignments and tests are to be individual efforts unless prior approval is obtained from the instructor. The student's personal academic honor code statement is to be provided with their work or kept on file in the case of a graduate student.
Make Up Policy Make up tests will only be given to students who miss a test for legitimate reasons and who notify the instructor in advance.
Late Assignments Late assignments will be given half credit for one week and no credit thereafter.
Academic Integrity Course participation will always be conducted according to the high standards of honesty and integrity discussed in the University's Academic Honor Code and Student Code of Conduct.
Options For those with some specific interest, on request, the instructor will substitute individualized projects for the assignments
Supplemental Texts and Readings
Drop date November 17, 2010
Disclaimer This is a dynamic document generally finalized after midterm feedback. Please refer to the master copy at Data like the last day to drop this course are provided for convenience only. It is the student's responsibility to verify such data from an authoritative source like the Registrar's or Provost's office.

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