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   Welcome! This is a project I would like to complete in 2004. If you are a physician or nurse who would like to help, please write.

   Why? An old friend, many years retired from running a small photography shop, had just been to see his doctor. He showed me his receipt, which was the latest "improved" version from the building where I worked. He said, "This new form is terrible; it does not say what happened to you, when you are to come back, or what you are supposed to do in the meantime."

   This is a fairly large project, but if I can get enough volunteers to do just the piece they know well from their daily work, it should go quickly.

   Please stay tuned. In the next few months I hope to have this working so you can help without ever leaving your web browser.

John M. Miller M.D.

Revised January, 2 2004